Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Juice, "Morning Sun"

You need a juicer for this one. If you don't have a juicer I highly recommend getting one. It does not need to be fancy. I promise you will love it! I have been juicing for 7 months now. I have one to two juice a day and I LOVE,LOVE, LOVE IT!

My new favorite juice is from a book called, "Living Raw Food", by Sarma Melngailis .

"Morning Sun"

4 medium oranges, peeled
1 Apple
1 Pear
4 Cups pineapple (or one large can seems to do the trick)
one 1inch know of ginger
2 tsp honey

mix honey in after all fruit is juiced.



  1. Question... do juicers leave pulp behind? I know you are such a believer in juice but I worry about the fiber being taken out. Does it just blend it all or are parts removed?

    Sounds yummy by the way!

    And I must say I am so amazed at how well you stick with your commitment to be healthy. I need more consistency!

  2. So, when you drink a fresh juiced juice the nutrients enter into your body almost as quickly as alcohol. I learned that from the movie, The Gerson Miracle.

    Not all juicers are the same. Some do burn up a portion of the nutrients during the juicing process because it gets so hot the enzymes burn up. However, there are fablous juicers out there that actually don't have that effect but they are $2,500. I want one so bad. All in due time. You can do so many things with that type of juicer. Like make your own peanut butter or any kind of nut butter etc. So cool!

    My juicer gets rid of the pulp but you don't want it anyways because "hopefully" it was all juiced out.

    The thing is...I really like the way I feel when I juice. I always have a fruit juice and some kind of carrot or green juice every day. That is the goal. I feel good when I follow that rule for myself.