Thursday, October 13, 2011

Ear Infection help

OK so Christian has had 2 ear infections in 2 and a half months.  What's a momma to do??  Have you guys tried any of the "natural remedies" out there?  Warm olive oil in the ear? (how does that work when there's already a build up of fluid in the ear???)  Colloidal Silver? Help?


  1. Wish I could help!! All I know is that if we ever feel one coming on....or if any of us are particularly congested we do lemon juice in the ears (I'm one of those mean moms who just drops it in cold, but my kids don't seem to mind) and a good saline cleanout of the nose for anyone not big enough to blow their own. In 5 kids I've only ever dealt with one full blown ear infection, and we just went to the doc and used antibiotics. I've heard good things about colloidial silver but never had reason to try it.

    Good luck!

  2. Oh Shayla, I am so sorry! I feel so bad for Christian, and for you! Dang it. I wish I had any sort of wisdom in this area, but I don't. I am the only one around here (fingers crossed and knocking on wood) that has ever had an ear infection. I'm sorry. Good luck! and I hope they go away soon and don't ever come back!

  3. Bless you, katie!

    So I was sure Christian had another infection on Monday. Goopy left eye in the morning and He couldn't keep anything down and was crabby. that's exactly how he was when he had his other two ear infections. so I tried the lemon juice and gave it to him periodically this week. he is acting so happy today and no Goopy eye this morning! Huzzah!

    I'm a little bit frustrated that I didn't know about this before but mostly just super grateful I know about it now . Thank you!

  4. Oh I'm SO GLAD it worked! Nothing is more sad than a sick baby.

    Happy Halloween to all of my VLF's!