Monday, November 7, 2011

Baby and Raw

I thought I should tell my veggie lovin' friends that I am three month pregnant. We are super excited. I am feeling a ton better. Like usual I felt sick pretty much all day long but now I am doing great. I am eating all of my super foods and my regular raw diet again. (I was eating pretty good but sometimes when a cinnamon roll is the only thing that you can get down, you eat it. I must say it was good I have not had one in years).

My midwife loves that I am a raw pregnant woman. She completely supports how I eat. In fact my next appointment I am bringing some raw things for her to try. I am so excited to feed my baby a raw diet when I start introducing foods etc.

I am also having a home birth. So So So excited about that. My midwife and her nurse will come to my house with all of their gear etc when I am in labor. At 37 week they will come to my house and learn it. Also, they will bring me the big birthing tub. I hope to have another water birth. I loved my water birth with Ayo.

I will keep you updated with recipes that will obviously be the things that I am craving;)


  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!! And a big hug to you!! I'm oh so excited for you. Your midwife sounds awesome. I can't wait to hear more about it. :) What's the due date??

    By the way, your squash soup was a BIG hit around here. My husband and I had just had a big chat earlier today about our eating habits and trying to decide if we could do better, or if we needed to make some compromises as he wasn't loving it. I was so nervous to make this for dinner for him because he hates squash. His response? "If we could have stuff like this for dinner every night I wouldn't have a problem living this way." SCORE!!! My kids like to have a little something chunky in their soup, but I still wanted to hide the squash, so I made your recipe as was and then added some corn, great northern beans and peas afterward. They loved it.

  2. One more thing about the soup. My husband was all surprised when he asked me how healthy it was. Hee hee!! He was shocked that something could be so tasty with just veggies and water. No cream, no broth, etc.

  3. I agree. That soup is so good. I think I will be eating it all winter long. A friend new I was raw vegan and knew she could pull off the vegan part. So last winter at a Relief Society dinner she made it for me. I love it. I am so glad your family loved it too. Due date May 16.