Monday, April 12, 2010

Emily's Spinach Salad

ETL is BIG on salads but how many times can you eat the same salad over and over? Here are a few ways to mix things up.

Spinach Salad

5 Big mushrooms
1 Yellow onion
1 Head of garlic

cut mushrooms and onion to desirable size.
Peel garlic and cut each clove into four pieces.
Put small amount of Olive oil in hot pan (I use olive oil but you can use water), throw veggies in until tender.

Put desired amount of mushroom mixture on fresh spinach, handful of craisins and 1/4 cup of chopped up Almonds. Use a raspberry vinaigrette dressing, olive oil and vinegar or plain.

Have fun with the dressings. It will save you!


  1. Em I totally had this the night that you told me about it. LOVED it. Corey thought it was the most disgusting thing he'd ever seen. He hates mushrooms and onions with a passion- when we read the section describing the diet, and the tips that went along with it we laughed so hard that one of them was "eat tons of mushrooms and onions!" I appreciated the recipe though! Delish!

  2. Speaking of my lunch today: This was the salad I had. I LOVE this salad emily. Like LOOOOOVVVE it. Totally hit the spot!