Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Salad, Grains, Beans, Fruit!!!

My advice to us Veggie lovin' friends as we are eating the same diet is, do not skip out on your salads or grains. If you eat your BIG salad at lunch and dinner time comes and you feel like there is no way in the world you can eat another HUGE salad with your soup, bean burger, whole grain waffles or whatever your dinner is that night; suck it up! Just eat your salad. Even if your salad is not as large as your lunch salad just eat it. You will be able to tell the difference in weight loss and general health. I have a testimony of salad.

Don't skip your grains. You must eat those. To me, the grains are what gets me excited. What kind of grain will I have tonight? I love it!

Eat all the fruit in the world. Look at my post on "Just like cheese cake". The sauce that is for that "cake" is so yummy to dip fruit in. All it is is frozen berries and dates put in a food processor.

Eat your beans! I am sure you do but they will fill you up. During my first six weeks I thought, "There is no way I will get on that scale tomorrow and see a loss in weight", but I would loose weight. The more you eat the better the results.

Good Luck! I hope you are all having fun eating this way! It is fun for me to know my veggie lovin' friends are on the same page as me.


  1. Thanks for all your great advice Emily! It really helped me to be more motivated after our chat, and all the tips and recipes are a huge help!

    I am curious... did you stick to the "no eating inbetween meals," rule?

    To all my veggie lovin' friends: I love you! I miss you!

    Katie are you still looking at this blog?

  2. I do eat inbetween meals but I am breastfeeding. I have to eat more than you. However, if you are hungry, really hungry (not just wanting to snack out of habbit) then I say, eat something healthy. You can eat veggies or fruit and that is what I eat for my snacks. Do not go hungry because if you do this will never become a life style. Who wants to go hungry for the rest of forever? Not me!