Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Cry For HELP

Hello Ladies,

Question... what do you eat for lunch? What do you feed your kiddos for lunch? I have gotten into a very bad rut and our lunches have been just AWFUL lately. It's easy to do a healthy breakfast and dinner, but what about lunches... and snacks for that matter? This pregnancy really has thrown off our normal eating habits in a bad way and I need help getting back on track. PLEASE any ideas would be appreciated!


ps- I love you guys!


  1. I was thinking this very same thing yesterday; in the past we've always had leftovers for lunch....but I'm only just now getting back on track for dinner so lunch has suffered as well. :( I can always make do with a salad or something, but the kids haven't discovered the wonder of salad yet. Luckily I can always get them to at least munch on some carrots with the PB&J or whatever.

    We've done okay with snacks though. I refuse to buy any junk, for cost as well as health reasons. The budget simply can't allow it. But we always have tons of fresh fruit and veggies on hand; I've figured out my kids will eat the veggies better if I have a little guac with it, and then they're getting some healthy fat as well. (In his kids book Dr. Fuhrman is big on guac for kids.) Other than that, dried fruit or nuts is our favorite snack, and once in a while some air-popped popcorn. Nothing original I know....sorry if I'm not much help. Just wanted to say I hear ya!

  2. Thanks for the good reminders Kate! I had a lovely salad for lunch today, and Aly even joined me! Yay! Also, I had totally forgotten about nuts- hadn't crossed my mind in ages. Weird. I took some yesterday to work and am trying to get back to the 1/4 cup per day as Dr.F suggests. I think I am going to read ETL again. It's time. I have gotten too far off track.

    I did take one step in the right direction today though. I had a shopping spree at Sams Club and Meier (local grocery) in the produce departments. It was wonderful :)

    I am going to start asking around here to see if there is an Illinois equivalent to Bountiful Baskets. That would help so much!

    Thanks for the reminders Kate!

  3. I eat a big green salad for lunch, green smoothie or juice. My kids eat a sandwich with fruit. If I make a smoothie or juice then they will have some too.