Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Multi-grain hot cereal

I finally had the time to track down all the different grains needed for this multi-grain hot cereal from The May Files blog, and we are fans!  If you are in the Orem area, Sunflower has amarinth, kamut, and millet and Real Foods has amarinth, whole barley, rye, spelt, and red quinoa.  I didn't go to my usual, Winco, but I know they have some of these things too.

It looks a little bit like birdseed here, and quite honestly, if you make it in the microwave it tastes a little bit like bird seed.  But if you make it in the rice cooker as she suggests, it comes out perfect.  It may as well be oatmeal, but you have 8 different kinds of whole grains.  Jocelyn loves xylitol and cinnamon, Cory likes his with raisins/craisins and agave or maple syrup.

Here is the recipe and some of her directions that are helpful.

She also has a recipe for blender pancakes that you can use this grain mix in.  Here is her original blender pancakes recipe and here is the one that she uses this mixture for.  She just uses one cup of this multi-grain mixture instead of the 3 grains listed in the original recipe, and that's the only difference!  It's so very handy to have all those grains pre-mixed and be able to get breakfast on the table quickly.

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  1. I just made the blender pancakes out of this for Father's Day this morning and they were deelish! They were very light and fluffery, and there were no leftovers to freeze! Happy Father's Day to you all!