Saturday, June 11, 2011

Chick-en Nuggets

As in chickpea Chick-en Nuggets!  We got this recipe from Super Healthy Kids and it was a huge hit!  Cory actually loved them, and Jocelyn literally ate every single thing on her plate which doesn't happen very often.

1 Can Chick-peas (Garbanzo Beans)
1⁄2 onion 
1 clove garlic 
  Parsley
1 tsp cumin 
1 tsp salt 
Dash pepper 
  1 egg
1 TBL olive oil 
1 tsp lemon juice 
1 cup bread crumbs

Mash Beans
Use food processor for onion, garlic and parsley
Mix beans with onion mixture with a spoon
Mix seasonings, egg, oil, and lemon juice. Add to bean mixture.
Slowly fold in bread crumbs and combined until dough is easy to handle.
Use small layer of olive oil in a pan. Shape dough into chicken nuggets and cook on pan until browned. Cool and let dry on paper towel.

©2011 Super Healthy Kids. Amy Roskelley provides resources on feeding your family healthy food. Visit Super Healthy Kidsfor more ideas 

I thought it would be fun to do a healthier version of a fast food meal for our Friday night meal, so I served them up with some oven fries.  I know, I know, not exactly well rounded... not a green veggie in sight...but it was a special occasion kind of meal.  Besides the fact that my pan was too hot and I practically burned the outsides, we all were fans.  They are quite tasty and it doesn't hurt that they actually look like chicken nuggets too. And I used my blendtec to make the bread crumbs from homemade bread, so there was no HFCS or preservatives.  (why do store bought bread crumbs need that junk?)

And speaking of beans...I've been putting up beans in the freezer like a maniac.  I'm embarrassed to admit that up until January, I literally had no idea what to do with a dry bean.  We never, ever ate beans growing up (except a can of refried beans here and there for tacos), let alone having them start from a bag of dry beans.  A little research and a few slow cookers later, my freezer is full of black and pinto beans and chickpeas in one-can-sized quantities. Just a little step towards being more frugal and eating more healthy.

Oh, and my friend showed me this site that I am going to try some things from this week.  The subtitle is: where healthy tastes could you not like a site like that?!

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  1. I've got to try these. My kids used to love chicken nuggets, and I totally think these would fool them. Thanks for the recipes!