Wednesday, June 22, 2011

No Refined Sugar Strawberry Freezer Jam

Hello all... this is the easiest peasiest jam on the planet.  It literally took me 11 minutes from start to finish to make 2 batches.  I made a ton of the less-sugar strawberry jam a week or so ago, but then I decided I wanted to do some with agave instead.  So this is what I did.

2 lbs. strawberries

1-1 and 1/2 cups agave

1 pkg. less sugar or no sugar pectin

3/4 cup water

Pour the agave into your blender pitcher.  I did 1 and 1/2 cups, but I think it would have still been sweet enough with just 1 cup.  Cut the greens off the top of your strawberries (no need to cut them up more) and throw them into the blender.  Heat the pectin and water in small saucepan until boiling and boil for one minute.  Pour the pectin mixture into your blender.  Pulse a few times in the blender until you have the consistency you want and all ingredients are well mixed.  Pour in containers and let sit for 24 hours or until they set.  Freeze or refrigerate or eat immediately like I did.

Man, I love my blender. :)


  1. This looks great. Can't wait to try it when I have something to can. By the way....I don't cut off the tops of my strawberries, because I read they have omega-3 fatty acids in them??? I think??? Or something good for you - they're green right?!...anyway, you don't notice them when blended up like that.

  2. Yay! Can't wait to try this! Homemade Jam is so much better than store bought! And good tip Kate!

  3. This comes at the perfect time for me! Last week I spent a good 10 minutes in the jam isle at the store only to get extremely frustrated! It was either have a bit of sugar and no preservative, splenda, color additives, etc., or have sugar free with all that crap! My mom made me quite a bit of low sugar jam last year, which was delightful, but this year, and especially now that Ada is eating it, I just don't want even that much, so I'm grateful for the recipe! My girl loves her an almond butter and jam sandwich, so I am hoping to make this soon. Also, my mom did some research for me too and I think she may have also found a good solution too! Huzzah!!! Thanks! I'm excited to try this.

  4. Katie, I'm so glad you mentioned that! I don't cut the tops off when I add them to green smoothies, but I have never kept the greens on when making something that is non-green, so I didn't know how well it would go over, and I didn't dare leave them on. Next time I will try it that way. The added bonus, it will make it so much faster to just throw all those strawberries straight in the blender! Love it! Thanks!