Saturday, February 20, 2010

Check it out!

Hey friends! I just found a really cool site, and I thought I'd share. Super Healthy Kids. It has a button on the side-bar that you can click on to get weekly meal plans that include breakfast, lunch, a snack and dinner. Not all meals listed include a recipe, but you get an idea and could easily google one I'm sure. Also, not all recipes are vegetarian, but most could be adapted. For the most part I was really impressed.

Menu planning is something I struggle with.....I've been on the computer for over an hour looking for ideas! And that's just for dinner! Do you guys have any great suggestions for menu planning? I don't have enough veggie recipes in my arsenal yet to just make a monthly meal plan out of the file yet, and I'm struggling! My family doesn't do well without variety so I can't just make the same things over and over. Comments and suggestions much needed and appreciated!


  1. Wow! This site was SO cool! I am officially following it now. I wish I had good tips for you... I just do mine a week at a time-- probably way less planning than you :( sorry!

  2. Hah! You give me way more credit than I deserve! I've been lucky to eek out more than a few days of planning at a time lately! Which means way too many trips to the grocery store for a lady with three small kids and a big belly. ;)