Monday, February 22, 2010

Olive Oil

Hello friends! Quick question:

Do any of you know the difference nutritionally between olive oil and extra virgin olive oil? I always buy extra virgin but I found myself wondering "why"? recently. Did I learn somewhere that it was better? If so... what makes it better? And lately I have been on a "less processed the better," kick and so maybe just plain ol' olive oil is the way to go... plus it's less expensive. Any thoughts?



  1. I don't know about the EVOO. But just a thought on the sour cream we were talking about yesterday....I noticed my "natural" no yucky stuff added was Daisy. So "do a dollop of Daisy"! If that helps ;)

  2. I think this will help answer your question!

  3. ARGH! I don't know why, but on my computer, that link in my last comment isn't working or showing entirely so you can copy and paste. Anyway, just check out today's post on