Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Programming Notes

Hello! I want to say again how happy I am that we are doing this blog. I have tried lots of the recipes and I appreciate so much the knowledge that you all share. It keeps me motivated!

I took the liberty of doing some things... So Katie and I chose colors to write our posts with and this morning I went back through old posts and gave Whit and Emily colors too- that way we can easily know who posted the recipe. I gave Whitney her signature color: Red, because I thought that she would like that the best, and I gave Emily Green, just because I thought we could use that color. Em and Whit: Feel free to change your color if you don't like it!

I also added labels to some posts that didn't have them. If you don't like that you can change it too! I'm just trying to keep it all organized a bit.

I love you all!

1 comment:

  1. Ash, thanks, red is perfect! I tried to pick a color but I am not used to this layout...in my other blogs I can't do half as many 'things' like colors and fonts and font sizes and stuff, it all has to be the same on my other blog layouts so this is a tad different. I love the red. Thanks! Also I'm totally going to try your veg head chili. Sounds very good! :D