Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Another good resource

A friend sent me this link with lots of recipes at No Meat Athlete

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  1. I spent QUITE some time checking this blog out. Seriously awesome resource! One recipe really had me laughing... there is a recipe for blueberry chickpea granola bars... or something like that, and I just laughed and laughed thinking about when I once made chocolate chip cookies with chickpeas in them and Corey has never quite let me live that one down. Comes up pretty much every time we eat at someone elses house. :) Thanks for posting this Shay. I'm going to start following the blog and already have some new recipes I want to try.

    Corey announced yesterday he's ready to seriously step it up a notch. He's going to be able to bike to work now from where we live, and he and I would like to try a month of being full on Vegan in order to get us to about 95% vegan at home which after discussion with him is sounding like where we'd like to end up. It's so nice to have him back on board! I have been all kinds of excited again lately about food, and I'm so ready to jump in!