Friday, March 18, 2011

Black Bean Soup

This was originally from  I've been making it for years and it still is the very best bean soup, in my opinion.  Sorry I don't have a picture.  Ashlee, haven't you made this quite a bit too?  I remember I gave it to you forever ago and you made it a few times...

Black Bean Soup

1 Medium Onion chopped or grated
4 cloves garlic, minced
1 Tbsp. ground cumin
1/4 tsp. crushed red pepper (optional)
2 Tbsp. oil
1 can (14.5 oz.) reduced sodium chicken broth (I've just been doing water instead and it doesn't seem to make a difference, but veggie broth would be great too)
3 cans (16 oz.) black beans, undrained
1 jar (16 oz.) salsa
2 Tbsp. lime juice
1/2 cup lowfat plain yogurt

cook onion, garlic, cumin and pepper flakes in oil in 4 qt. saucepan on medium heat 3 minutes or until onion is tender; remove from heat. Place 2 cans beans w/ liquid in batches with broth in blender; cover. Blend until pureed. Stir into saucepot. Stir in remaining beans, salsa and lime juice. Heat mixture to boil and reduce heat to low to simmer 30 minutes. Ladle soup into bowl with a dollop of yogurt.

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