Friday, March 18, 2011


Sorry for all the posts today.  I'm on Spring Break, can you tell?

So, I have been trying to include Kefir into our diet more.  Even though it is dairy and we've been trying to get off dairy 100%, Cory and Jocelyn are about to begin an aggressive pro-biotic treatment through this specialist that we've been working with, and I thought I'd do whatever I could to help it out.  Have any of you done those little shots of pro-biotics that they have in the refrigerated section of whole foods stores?  Just wondering if they would help/work.

So we made these waffles (I won't repost, but here's the link), which were a hit.  We used Maple Syrup for the sugar which gave it a nice flavoring. My cousin tried it and didn't think they were that great, but we thought they were good... I guess take my review with a grain of salt.

And then I've been making extra smoothies with Kefir in them and freezing them for popsicles.  This particular kind has blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, banana, almond meal, ground flax seed, etc.

In my research, I've also found that you can substitute Kefir in any recipe that calls for Buttermilk.

But what I'm wondering is how you gals feel about Kefir?  I'm so new, but it seems that doing the little bit of dairy in Kefir is worth it if you want/need the pro-biotics.  Also, my question is, does cooking the Kefir alter the effectiveness of the pro-biotics?  I can't find the answer anywhere online.  Thanks in advance for educating me!


  1. Oh Shay. I feel like you already know SO much more than me! I wish I had an answer for you... I don't. I have never even heard of this product.

    Can I just say that I find you amazing/inspiring? I am wanting so badly to make certain changes, read certain books etc. as related to our diet, but I have hardly been able to read my scriptures so needless to say I just keep putting it off. How in the WORLD have you been able to do all that you have done in adjusting to this new lifestyle AND have a full time job?!?

    Maybe today is just one of those days... I spent the whole morning unexpectedly at the hospital with a sister in my ward and I'm feeling a little stressed out about DOING IT ALL... if you know what I mean. She happened to be there to possibly deliver a baby (turned out to be a false alarm) but it got me thinking... oh yeah! I am going to deliver a baby in a few months and I haven't prepared AT ALL... baby's room is full of bikes and other odds and ends from our move- and I haven't done any kind of preparation... looking through clothes etc... OH, and I AM having this baby unmedicated, but I haven't even started reading/preparing for THAT either!


    Anyway, I just want to say that I think you are awesome. Keep posting. I hope that I can be more active on the bloggy blog soon. In the mean time... I love you all!

  2. Ash!! I am having one of those days today too! My problem is, is that I am an all or nothing kind of person. But it's not sustainable in the long run. Today, I feel like I don't care if we go down to Wendy's and have a burger for dinner (ok, I really do, but that's how I'm feeling). I just kicked it into super maniac mode when after a year and a half of Cory being so sick, and having 22 Dr. appointments in the month of February alone, someone tells me that I can actually do something about it by the food that we eat, and I don't have to just sit there, helpless, and watch him get sicker and sicker. It has made a huge difference in our health, and that has made all the difference to me.

    But, I was getting a ton of reading done in the middle of the night because none of us were sleeping. Now that we are getting back to a somewhat normal life, I am feeling like I am crashing, now that I don't have that huge and heavy burden anymore.

    YOU, my friend, are amazing. With "doing it all" (and you are), you still found time to go serve a sister who needed someone with her as she was possibly going to have her baby. I feel like I haven't done a thing for anyone but myself and my family for months, because I couldn't do anything more than I was just to get us where we needed to go, fed, and improving our health. They even just released me from my calling (granted, I was in there for 2 years, but...) because I spent several sundays in the ER with my family instead of being there for the Primary kids.

    And, you are so fantastic for planning on having your baby unmedicated! I am such a baby that that is not even a consideration. And take comfort in the thought that you ALMOST did a natural birth with Aly. You did all the hard stuff, and you can do it again! I on the other hand, am not that tough.

    You are amazing. You're just a fantastic woman doing all the fantastic things there are to do in the world. But some days it gets to be too much. I think you should take a nice long bubble bath tonight! (I know that's in the plans for me!) Love you, Ash!!

    Oh, and Kefir is just basically yogurt that's more of a milky consistency that you can get in more enlightened grocery stores, or whole foods stores right next to the milk in the refrigerated section. And you say it "Kee-fur". (like Keifer Sutherland) :) You can get it plain or they have some yogurty kind of smoothies in different colors. And, I still am not sure whether it is a good thing or a bad thing in the long run, I just am desperate to do what I can to help my family get better!

  3. Shay, (and the rest of you VLF's)

    Thanks for the love note :) It made me feel a lot better last night. Can you feel the love and support on Veggie Lovin' Friends?!? I really do love all of you more than I can say. I think you know that... if I haven't said it though lately... I LOVE YOU! I don't know what I would do without all of you.

    Things got a little brighter for me last night. When I got home Corey surprised me with a new book on my nook... did I tell you shay and katie that my inlaws gave me one for my bday? I am IN LOVE!... anyway, he had bought a birthing book for me and I started last night which helped me feel better about THAT... I got a great nights sleep, which always helps... and today I got everything I need to make almond milk (thank you Shay!)... one step at a time right? Doing just those things has already made me feel a little brighter. Thanks for being there when I wasn't feeling so good!

    I hope you start feeling better too Shay! I think it's a great thing that you have been able to focus so much on your family and making these changes. They are your top priority, and I am SURE that is where Heavenly Father would want you to focus your efforts. Frankly, not everyone would do it, even knowing what it would do for their health. I can't tell you how many people I know who KNOW they should make certain changes for their health, but just flat out refuse to do it. It is a TON of work, and I think it's incredible that you have embraced it so fully and made such a difference for your sweet husband and family! It will only benefit all of you, and truly, not everyone would have taken this path... THIS I KNOW! And because you HAVE made these changes, your family will get well, and you will be ABLE to serve again. One of the best reasons for taking care of ouselves is because we are then able to care for others. It may take time, but I'm sure you will get there again. I think we all go through phases of being the one served verses being the one doing the serving... there is much to be learned on both ends of that equation.

    I sincerely hope there have been people to help you through all of this anyway! 22 appointments in ONE STINKING MONTH... the SHORTEST month of the year no less?!? That's crazy!

    Were you released from being the primary chorister? I remember how much you LOVED that calling. If that's what you were released from I'm going to be sad for you. It's hard to be released from callings that you enjoy so much!

    a few things I also wanted to say but haven't yet...

    glad you like lentil taco's... it's a staple for us too!

    and yay for liking the breakfast hash! I haven't made that one in a while... our breakfasts have been mostly oatmeal and fruit because we have to rush Jack off to school...


    I'm sure there is more. If I think of it I'll let you know :)

    Love you guys!