Friday, April 1, 2011

Burton Kale

Hey friendies... I was just wondering how many of you have greens on the side, and how you like to eat them? I am trying to serve a dark leafy green with every dinner. We try and vary the greens, and have a few favorites. Broccoli and Brussel Sprouts are easy go-to's, but we have been trying to branch out. Kale is the newest member of our family. I buy it at Walmart in this HUGIE HUGE bag, and it is already cut and washed which makes it easy. It seems to last well, and price wise totally comparable to buying a bunch, sometimes cheaper. This is our favorite way to eat it:

Burton Kale

Olive Oil
Tons of Kale- washed and chopped
Veggie Broth
Red Wine Vinegar
Italian Blend Mrs. Dash

I put about a tablespoon of the oil in, and heat it up. Next goes in the Kale - as much as I can stuff in the pan. Then I pour a bit of broth and vinegar over the greens, and season with Mrs. Dash. I put a lid on to steam it down a bit. I stir occasionally until it is the cook-edness that we like.

Anywhooooo... I would love any suggestions of how you do greens at your house. We do salads and stuff, but I don't like some of these heartier greens like Kale in salad. Too much for my teeth... and while my boys are awesome salad eaters, they won't do it either. Any ideas would be appreciated :)


  1. Great idea! I need another way to eat Kale, so we are definitely going to try this!! The only Kale eating I've really done is that I make this smoothie every morning (link below) or at least I used to until I started making Happy Shakes. The kale-apple smoothie is really good with collard greens in it too. I am branching out one little leafy green at a time! Next up... mustard greens!

  2. Ummm hello. Today I made Kale on the side WITHOUT vinegar-- who in the world told me that you had to do it with vinegar because it was like 10 times better without. Holy cow. I just steamed it with a bit of olive oil, water and spices... SOOOOO much better. I am embarassed that I even posted this recipe! Yuck! We liked it alright- but I thought it was just the only option so I think I was TRYING to like it... if that makes sense.