Friday, April 15, 2011

Busy moms

We are all working moms whether we work outside the home or not.  We all want to make everything from scratch to have our kids eat the healthiest foods possible, but sometimes life gets in the way.  I gotta say, since I am in the middle of show week and working on finals and grading, etc. I am becoming more grateful for companies that make healthy pre-packaged food so that we can keep up our healthy lifestyle but be able to have time to do what we have to do.

  • My mom introduced Gogurt to Jocelyn, and she begs for it.  I've never bought it because, quite honestly, that blue color does not come out of nature, but I found these Simply Gogurts at the store yesterday.  They're not perfect, but I feel a lot better about them than the traditional Gogurts.  We are off dairy completely except anything that will give us probiotics, so we bought them and she had 3 for breakfast (she usually eats nothing for breakfast).

  • Also, have you seen Disney's new "line" of healthy foods?  Jocelyn saw "Pwincess Gwapies" (Princess Grapes) at the store yesterday and had to have them, and ate the entire bag before we got home.  I am so very very happy that there are now healthy options of foods with characters plastered all over them.  I don't love to give in to advertisements, but if it helps us eat healthy it's a win-win.  We have also bought the Donald Duck Orange Juice.  Jocelyn would never even touch Orange Juice before, because it was too "fi-cee" (spicy) and now she guzzles it.

  • Dole Mixed Fruit Cups in 100% real fruit juice.  She loves them and it's easy to take fruit on the go with us.

  • This isn't necessarily a specific item, but I love that I can afford organic granola and raw nuts and all that good stuff in the bulk bins at Winco.  

Here are just a few of my favorites lately, and I was wondering if any of you have some "go to" products that you feel good about buying for your families when you can't make everything?


  1. agreed.... in the midst of show week and running here to get eye lashes and there to get tights and blah blah blah... I feel increasingly sad about the bowl of veggies in my house that is going bad.... eating out a lot lately and steve is getting sick of the same 3 places that actually have yummy healthy options for me... Wish there were more.

    Bowl of veggies... I'm coming on Sunday!

  2. My mother in law bought those simply go-gurts for the boys and I was so grateful! Compared to the usual treats that was definitely a step up. We miss those fruit leathers too! No Costco here... that used to be a staple treat for us.

    I wish I had a good recommendation. I don't! We keep a lot of dried fruit- like apricots, prunes, and raisins... also nuts (which Jack wouldn't eat until I explained what they do for his body... now he loves almonds!) and other stuff like that around. We also frequently just reach for a piece of bread with PB- usually without jelly or honey or anything. I think the reason is we are poor! I don't like to spend $ on stuff! I have been trying to make more healthy muffins etc. but this week I totally failed!

    Thanks for the recommendations though! I will keep my eyes out and if we start using something I will come back and leave a more useful comment.

  3. Shay,

    I was at the store yesterday and found a new product! Have you already heard of LaraBars? Non-GMO, vegan, 9 ingredients or less- no added sugars or sweeteners etc. Good stuff!

    here's a link in case you would like to check it out further:

    They look pretty yummy :)