Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Interesting Articles

Just thought I'd share some interesting blogs/articles that I have read recently.

7 Dangerous Food Additives to Avoid

5 Misleading Food Label Claims I know we're all smart, but these are good reminders.  The "All Natural" thing just bugs me.  What is natural about butter granules?  Just sayin...

Is Sugar Toxic?

Surprising sources of MSG

Food Coloring and Kids

What Happens to Your Body an Hour after Drinking Coke I'm sure we all don't drink coke, but even if you don't read the article, click on the link it has for the sponsors of the American Dietetic Association...yikes.  Don't worry about that at all...

Also, I found a great vegan blog that has some great stuff I'm going to be trying out next week, and let you know if it's worth trying!


  1. SHAYLA!!! I don't mean to be dramatic or anything, but this was seriously an answer to my prayers. I read these articles last night, well, most of them anyway, and have made several REALLY big resolutions for changes. The Coke one...sheesh!! The Sugar one, double sheesh!! I have really been re-thinking our eating habits, especially since Ada wants to eat everything and anything we are eating, and I want her to, and she's going to, but that hasn't been the case lately. We are in the middle of making some big decisions food-wise again and these articles really, really helped. THANKS!! Also, I loved the probiotic ones too! That makes so much sense to me. So, just wanted to say thanks. I loved that you posted these, especially since a few of these things have really been weighing heavily on my mind lately. Thanks, and Much love!

  2. Oh Dear. I read about half of this and I want to just crawl in a hole. Is there NOTHING safe to eat?!? Am I the only one who feels that way sometimes? It's like every SINGLE bit of convenience is bad for you... the list of MSG stuff was truly scary... and the one that had the different names for trans fats and... oh wait was that MSG? I don't know I read them fast and they are kind of running together.

    I did read the sugar one slowly and carefully though, and I watched half of the video on You Tube that the article connected to. I plan to finish it soon, but I need to go to bed tonight. It was VERY good information though. WOW!

    Thanks for posting friend! Knowledge is power!