Sunday, April 17, 2011

Caribbean Pumpkin Soup

I made this soup today for lunch from the Green Shakes and Giggles blog.  I thought it was good especially if you're sick of just plain old black bean soup, but nothing sensational.  Just a good staple recipe...except that it could be that I made a few substitutions.  I didn't have chipotle chile (I used regular chili powder) or yellow pepper or coconut milk (I used almond milk-hardly interchangeable, I know).  It's probably sensational made the way it's supposed to be made, but It was definitely good enough to make again, substitutions and all.  I liked the lime flavor.


  1. yummy! I am going to make it this week.


  2. Okay, I definitely didn't give this a good chance the first time. I just made it again, and I didn't use any substitutions this time, and it was good! It definitely has a different flavor for a bean soup... but in a good way.