Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Follow up on Probiotics

So, Cory loves the Good Belly stuff, but it has the equivalent of a multi-vitamin in it, so with being pregnant and already taking a prenatal, he got me the Big Shot (also Good Belly) which has no added vitamins/supplement.  Also, coincidentally it is THE NASTIEST thing I have tasted, and I'm sure part of it is just me being pregnant.  So he went off to find another one for me and found Nature's Life Acidophilus in Berry Blast... it's delicious (for a probiotic) and you only have to have 1 Tbsp. a day.  And I put it in Jocelyn's Happy Shakes and/or Almond milk and she doesn't know the difference.  Just FYI...


  1. p.s. I was just talking to my OB/GYN about probiotics this morning and they are saying now that probiotics have been shown in recent studies to really help with colic in babies and a lot of pediatricians are recommending parents give probiotics to babies once they're born. Wish I had known that with Jocelyn!

  2. Is this the same kind of thing you would give to a newborn? HOLY COW I would have done anything to help Jack be more comfortable. I guess I can ask my pediatrician, but since we NEVER GO THERE, and I don't actually have a relationship with him- I would love to know what you are going to do with your babe- or if anyone else has asked a trusted Pediatrician about it?

    PS- I ordered Disease Proof your Child today for my nook! Yahoo! I cannot WAIT to start it tonight!

  3. PS- Do you have a name for your little boy yet? And did you know Cal and Whit are adopting a little boy next month?!?!

    Kate, you are really breaking the mold with your girl--- you know that right? Me, Whit, and Shay are all having boys. Good thing you make adorable girls! We will forgive you!

  4. least my little girl will have plenty of choices in a future husband! :)

  5. Shay,

    Thanks again for all the probiotic info. I have been online/in town shopping and think I found a good/cost effective option for us here at a local health food store. My Corey is starting the Eat To Live diet full force on Monday, and I think this will help him be more successful. In reading about how it helps with digestion etc. I am hoping that some of the problems that happened with him last time will be lessened with the help of probiotics. I am also really excited for the boys and I to include them in our diet too. Everything you posted I have read, and did a little of my own reading too, and it just makes sense. Thanks for bringing this info to us or I never would have even thought to look at it! I'll let you know if we notice a difference :)