Thursday, March 25, 2010

Herbal Remedies?

Do any of you lovely ladies have some herbal remedies you would like to share? We are sick at our house this week. And have been for a week. I HATE taking my kids to the doctor and paying the "urgent care" copay and hearing, "it's just a virus" but after a week with no improvement I took my princess in today. And guess what? This time they assume it's "just a virus" but they want to treat it with antibiotics. Can they make it any more obvious they don't know what the heck they're talking about? Good doctors here in our little town are hard to come by. I'm not sure what I was expecting today, but it made me angry.

Anyway, here's our symptoms.....don't read if you plan on reading the recipes later. I'm going to speak plainly here. Runny/stuffy noses, boogers everywhere including the eyes, coughing that brings up more boogers, sore throats, and boys throwing up boogers in the night because they refuse to and/or don't know how to blow their noses, etc., boogers, etc. We've been using saline flushes in the noses, lemon juice in the ears, and today tried a honey/onion cough syrup that worked somewhat. Any other tips?


  1. Oh Katie, I am so sorry to hear that you guys are all so sick! What a sad sad time! I wish I had more herbal remedies, but for the last four days, I have been taking NyQuil to sleep, so apparently I am not the one to ask. I will however say that last time Cal had a really bad cough, I made him a honey/lemon with warm water mixture and he seemed to think that it helped his throat and his cough. hmmm, maybe I should have tried that this last week with my cough?! I am excited to hear what people have to say for this one though...I would like to know as well. :D Maybe this is something that I will research now too!

  2. Oh Kate. Between this post and your email to me last night I have been having quite a good laugh. If there was anyway at all that I could have called you yesterday I would have.

    Emily? Are you there? Surely YOU have a good answer for Katie. I wish I remembered all those things you have told me so I could tell Katie myself. :)

    All three of you are so much better at being "green," in ALL areas of your life. Something I for sure need to work on. I want to start cleaning with vinegar and baking soda but I'm not quite sure how.

    Kate did I ever tell you I washed my hair with soda? It worked well actually. I was pleased with the results.

    So many things I want to do better at... such little time. I love you ladies for all your suggestions and tips though!

    Someday I am coming back to UT and we are going to have one heck-uv-a veggie lovin' friends reunion. Wouldn't lunch at that cool vegan restaurant in SLC be divine?

    Miss you all!


  3. Hey! I ran across your blog through Whitney and Calvin's. We have been dealing with the same thing at our house. A few things we've been doing that seem to be working are vicks on our feet with socks at night. And steam two times a day- we run our shower really hot and shut the door. It seems to help break up the mucous. While you're steaming gently pat their backs with a cupped hand. Yucky virus!!! Good luck!!

  4. I am here! Get gel garlic capsules, poke a hole in it, and squeeze in ear. This will help with any ear problems.

    Give them a nice warm bath; keep the door closed to create a steam room. Right after the bath take them outside in the cold. This will help bring up any gunk that may be in their chest etc.

    I would just use salt water for their noses. Just a little each morning for sure. This will loosen all of that crap and they will cough it up and will start to run out of their noses.

    Have them use two pillows at night. This way the gunk will not get so stuck in their chest.

    There is also a natural antibiotic called Colloidal Silver. This stuff is amazing! It can be anywhere from $10-25 but well worth it. Think co-pay is usually $20 then the medication is another co-pay. This Silver will cost you way less than all of that doctor stuff. Just Google it and you can discover all of the blessings of this natural antibiotic.

    Encaenia, vitamin A, C and E. All very good. Boosts immune system and heals the insides.

    Keep the humidifier on at all times.

    Warm lemon and honey water.

    Good luck!


  5. PS Get grapfruit Jucie (any kind) warm it up and let them drink. This helps so much!

  6. I know this is a year later, but at our house we also love cherry bark as a cough remedy. It seems to work better than any other "meds"