Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Whole Wheat Pizza Crust

So, here is the recipe we use for whole wheat pizza dough Katie, and we love it. I just got the recipe from Nie Nie on cuisinenie (which I use ALL THE TIME) and it makes quite a bit. Also, it is a pretty cheap recipe to throw together, depending on how much you put on top.

Whole What Pizza Dough - NieNie

1 C. Warm water (I normally use a tad more, after it is all mixed to make it more moist)
1 envelope active dry yeast
2 3/4 C. Whole wheat flour
1 t. salt
1/4 t sugar
2 T olive oil

Add yeast to one cup warm water. Let sit. Mix dry ingredients together, then add olive oil and mix. Add yeast mixture and combine kneading for about 5 minutes. Let rise for 30-45 minutes, roll out, add toppings and cook at 450 degrees for 15-18 minutes.

Ok, some things that I have learned we really like with the recipe. First I'll start with the yeast. You guys probably already know about this yeast, but I just discovered it this summer and it totally has made the difference in my yeasty adventures! ha! So, it is called saf-instant yeast. It is really not touchy at all, and that is why I love it! Instead of adding it to the warm water with the sugar and letting it proof, you just add it to your dry ingredients and mix with them and then add the warm water. No need to let it sit, no need to worry about the temp of the water, nothing. It really is awesome. So, if you already knew that, well now you just know how great I think it is!
Also, second thing, we love to add avocados and lime on the pizza after it is baked.

I actually just sprinkle corn meal on the bottom of a cookie sheet and roll out the dough right on the cookie sheet, poke holes with a fork, add the toppings (we like pesto sauce the best for the sauce) and then bake. It usually takes more than 18 minutes in my oven though, probably becuase I load enough veggies on it to count for our veggie servings for all week!

So, there is the whole wheat dough recipe that we use!

Thanks for the recipes guys!

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